Unsere Speisen


Super Big-Bun SNAP Burger

Classic, Cheese, New York Bacon-Cheese, Chicken or Veggie

180gr. 100% Beef! Super-Big-Bun! Try our -BLACK PEARL- Black Bun, roasted Mango and Crispy Chicken! Or the unique veggie burger with swabian pasta square

Fresh Wraps

Daily handmade fresh wraps

Mango-Chicken,Tuna or White Cheese. Everday. Handmade. Fresh. Tasty

Pasta & Co.

Penne & CousCous

Penne Pesto, delicious turkish style CousCous and more.

Veggie & Vegan

Many Vegetarian & Vegan Burger. Rustico or gluten free. Try also our vegan Curry Wurst with homemade sauce.



Everything what you want. Mango Chicken, Grill Chicken, Falafel, White Cheese & more.



Chorizo, Caprese, Barbeque Chicken. Come and try it.


Sweets for my sweets

Yummy Brownies, Muffins & Cookies. That´s all what you need!